Three-Armed Robot to Work on Space Station

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Three-Armed Robot to Work on Space Station

Post  The one and only Gerson on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:15 pm

“Three-Armed Robot to Work on Space Station

This article discusses a three-armed robot that is used to help astronauts with maintenance work around the International Space Station. The robot, named Eurobot, has 3 arms, which are similar in size and strength to human arms. However, unlike humans, Eurobot’s arms each have 7 joints making them more flexible. Each arm is also equipped with a camera. Eurobot moves on its own, but can also be controlled by remote control. Astronauts plan to eventually use the robot for tasks around the space station, including putting away tools and equipment after maintenance jobs.

I found this article interesting, because it shows how humans are beginning to rely on robots, instead of themselves, to do chores and tasks around the space station. Moving into the future, researchers hope to use Eurobot on mission to Mars and to the Moon, showing how huge an impact robots have made in the present, and will continue to make in the future.
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