Nasa Developing Robotics With Human Traits

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Nasa Developing Robotics With Human Traits

Post  The one and only Gerson on Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:19 pm

Nasa Developing Robots With Human Traits
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Instead of the usual view of robots that we think of today, small blocky machines with limited abilities, one NASA team is trying to "humanize" the robots of the future. They want to make them as human as possible, in order to achieve what they call "human-robot coordination". The ultimate goal of this idea is that human-like machines can perform many of the redundant tasks that are necessary for space exploration, some of which include scouting, sampling, maintenance, construction etc. The idea behind the coordination between man and machine is to create a more efficient process of working with robots. Typically a robot's skills are limited to those of whoever is controlling it, but with this new idea the astronauts will be outside the craft working in conjunction with the human-like robots. The NASA team is still developing the technology required for these machines to interact, perform complex tasks, and even reason like a human would. This goal is still a long way away, but progress is being made inch by inch. The team hopes that this new innovation of "human-robot coordination" will lay the precedent for the future of space exploration.
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